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1. Translate the following into an English letter in a proper form
  地址:中国上海,兴达路999 号金星大厦(Golden Star Mansion )33层
  收信人:James Brown & Sons, 由日用品部(Daily Articles Dept )办理
  地址:#304- 310 Jalan Street, Toronto, Canada
  日期:2000 年6月30日
  象Rejoice, Pond‘s 等优质产品很容易买到。而且这些品牌都已得到我地市场的认可。就洗发精而言,很多消费者不愿接受新产品。、
  你方产品作为新品牌,最大的卖点将是它的护发(hair care)功能;质量上虽然已经达到客户要求,但要想在我地市场打开销路,
  IV Fill in the contract form with information gathered from the following correspondences (15%)
  Outgoing Letter
  Beijing, November 5, 1000
  Dear Sirs,
  Thank you for your enquiry of October 30 for Women‘s Nylon Garments. In compliance with your request, we have enclosed a price list and an illustrated brochure. Although we still have certain amount of stock we can hardly keep them for a long time because of the heavy demand. Samples will be sent on request. We are looking forward to our early reply. Yours faithfully,
  Beijing Garments Imp/Exp. Corporation
  Incoming Letter
  Dear sirs,
  Many thanks for your quotation of November 5 and the samples of Women‘s Nylon Garments. We are satisfied with the quality and pleased to enclose our
  Order NO. 333 for 3 sizes mentioned in your latest catalogue. We note that you can supply these items from stock and hope you will send them before December 31. Our company will reserve the right to cancel this order or reject the goods for any late arrival. For your reference, we with to effect payment by D/P 60 days. .
  Please kindly let us have your confirmation
  London Trading Co. Ltd.
  Outgoing Letter
  Dear Sirs,
  We‘ve received your letter of November 13 and your Order No. 333. Much to our regret,
  we can hardly accept your order at the prices you bid since the prices of raw materials have increased recently. We‘re afraid the best we can do is as follows:
  Commodity Unit Price (Per doz) CIF London Size Quantity(doz)
  Woman`s Nylon Garments USD80.00 Small 15
  Woman`s Nylon Garments USD120.00 Medium 16
  Woman`s Nylon Garments USD160.00 Large 14
  As to payment terms, we usually require letters of credit. However, in view of our long and pleasant relations, we will accept D/P 60 days this time.
  But it must be clearly understood that, in so doing, we are not establishing a precedent. We hope you will accept our prices and give us a reply an soon as possible.
  Yours faithfully
  1. Translate the following into an English letter in a proper form (20%)
  Xinluhua Trading Company Ltd
  Floor 33. Golden Star Mansion. No.999 Xingda Road
  Shanghai China
  June 30.2000
  James Brown & Sons
  #304-310 Jalan Street, Toronto, Canada
  ATTN: Daily Articles Department
  Dear Sirs;
  Thank you for your letter and samples sent on June 15. We‘re glad to inform you that our customers are very satisfied with the test result of your samples. but they are still hesitating at the moment.
  After careful comparison with similar goods, we find your quotation on the high side.
  open up a market here. Otherwise it can hardly compete against the established brands.
  In view of this our customers request you to reduce your original price by 10%. Please consider
  this and give us a prompt reply.
  Yours faithfully


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